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How I Found My Top Spotify Artists

Finding out one’s top Spotify artists is quite an interesting venture into one’s musical taste. This goes for both casual listeners and enthusiasts: finding out what you’ve been playing more than likely shows some skewed listening tendencies. Here’s what I did, and you can do it too.

Exploring Spotify Stats

Nowadays, third parties provide services that enable the tracking of top Spotify artists. Platforms like Stats for Spotify and My Top for Spotify require users to log in with their Spotify accounts, and then they present a stat about their listening. The platforms present the tracks and artists you have listened to the most for the last four weeks, six months, or all time.

Tools and Platforms

Stats for Spotify

Stats for Spotify is an app that provides you with statistical reports constructed around your activity on Spotify. You will have to do no more than just log in to the website with your Spotify account, and you’re in a position to access your top 50 tracks and artists across different periods. The tool gives an in-depth analysis of your most-played genres, be it main genres, sub-genres, or even decades. All in all, it is an information goldmine for any music-loving being.

My Top for Spotify

Another great service is My Top for Spotify. This one is quite similar. It can show your top artists and tracks, and you can show your stats to your friends by creating a nice-looking card. It’s a fun way to see how your musical picks match up with your friends. User-friendly and with a beautiful summary of your listening history, the tool is easily operated.


Chosic provides further analysis of your Spotify data. It breaks down your listening habits to hit metrics like your overall mood and energy level from the songs you listen to the most. The tool also makes music recommendations based on your top artists and tracks, so you can discover new favorites while analyzing your current ones.

The Process

I finally got on Stats for Spotify and logged in. I was congratulated and said, “Hello, Maria,” and shown a display of my most played artists over the last six months. Honestly, some of them surprised me, and I didn’t realize I’d heard them that much. It even showed me information on the current year compared with last year, which in some way helped me realize how fast my taste in music frantically changes.

Next came My Top for Spotify, which listed out my top artists and tracks in a really clear and easy view. Here, I really like sharing the stats with friends who, finally, have some more interesting conversations with me now that we all know how our playlists differ. Walking through the process above, one can get an idea of how diverse one’s musical tastes can be, and one will start understanding the reasons for that diversity.

Finally, I used Chosic, a feature that dives even further into my Spotify data and offers a myriad of other neat things, like mood and genre analysis. Extra features—like mood and energy analysis, as well as genre—give deeper insights into listening habits. It was interesting to see how my favorite songs varied in terms of energy and mood. Additionally, Chosic suggested new artists and tracks according to my previous listening history, some of which became new favorites.

Benefits of Knowing Your Top Spotify Artists

It offers the chance for this diversity to be appreciated, as one may know who the top artists on Spotify are. A list of a combination of genres and artists can enlighten you to explore more music styles. These insights are worth sharing with friends and family as good conversation starters and developing stronger connections with shared interests in music. In fact, knowing your top artists enhances your music streaming experience. Most platforms will allow you to make a new playlist from your top tracks, hence ensuring you can access your best songs at any time. In most scenarios, these tools are updated daily, therefore you will be able to track how your preferences may change over time.


Truthfully, there is no good price as knowing your top Spotify artists rewards you, and it brings you closer and deeper into your knowledge of musical preferences. Tools like Stats for Spotify, My Top for Spotify, or Chosic will definitely show you in detail about your listening statistics and give you recommendations on new music based on your interests. These platforms offer informative blogs and a fun way to interact with your favorite tunes.

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