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Spotify Free vs. Spotify Premium: Which One Should You Choose?

Spotify is a big music streaming player. Spotify Free allows you to listen to many music and playlists. You can not download music to listen to offline, and you have limited skips on playlists. Spotify Premium offers a better experience. You will enjoy ad-free music, download songs to listen to offline, and get unlimited skips. It is like upgrading to a more fit version of Spotify. 

Selecting between the two relies on what you choose. Spotify Free is good and is okay with basic features. This article will explain the differences between Spotify Free and Spotify Premium. You can help from this article to decide which is better for you.

The Main Difference Between Spotify Free and Spotify Premium 

Spotify Free

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Spotify Free is free. You can enjoy a massive collection of music, podcasts, and playlists without paying anything. You can dive in and enjoy the tunes without reaching your wallet.

One thing to remember about Spotify Free is that it comes with ads. These interruptions pop up between songs or when you use the app, and they can disturb some folks. When you check out stuff on Spotify, you will see video ads when you listen to something. You will hear audio ads. Unfortunately, dealing with these ads is something you can not run with a free account.

If you are using Spotify for free, there are a few things you can not do that the Premium folks can. You can not download songs to listen to offline or select specific tunes on your phone. The sound quality could be more fancy for Premium users.

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The free version allows you to listen to playlists in shuffle mode. This means you can not select and play specific songs within the playlist in the chosen order.

One of Spotify Free’s main disadvantages is that you can not download music to listen to offline. This means you need an internet connection to enjoy your favorite tracks.

On free Spotify, the music streams at a bit rate of 160 kbps on the mobile app and even lower on the desktop app (128 kbps). In a paid account, the streaming quality jumps to 320 kbps on
desktop and mobile Spotify.

If you want to replay a song with regular Spotify, you need more time. But with Spotify Premium, you are in control. Be careful when skipping songs on free Spotify. You only get six skips per hour. If you run out too fast, you are attached to whatever comes next, like old-school radio. On your phone, free Spotify only allows you to shuffle play and has a limit on skips per hour. But you can pick and play songs on your computer whenever you like.

Spotify Premium

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Spotify Premium is not free. It comes with a monthly subscription fee. But in return, you get extra features and extras that you do not contract with the free version. The price can vary depending on where you are and if any special deals are going on.

Spotify Premium has no ads, which means you can listen to your favorite music and podcasts without interruptions from commercials. The free version shows ads between songs and on the app, but Premium is completely ad-free.

Premium subscribers can skip as many tracks as they want while listening to playlists or radio stations, enhancing their control over their listening experience.

Premium users can download music and podcasts for offline listening, making it suitable when internet access is limited or unavailable.

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Spotify Premium offers better sound quality than free, making the listening experience more profitable and immersive. It is especially for those who appreciate good audio.

If you are a Spotify Premium user. you can play any song you want when you want. It does not count if you use your mobile or desktop. You have total control over your music selection.

Whether you are using headphones or speakers with Spotify, the quality of the music changes between the free and premium accounts, while both accounts offer the same audio quality settings, if you have a free account and try to choose “Very High” quality, Spotify will automatically set it to “High.”

One great thing about Spotify is the never-ending music stream matches your taste. Songs keep playing one after another, creating a continuous vibe. But what if you want to replay a song or skip a few that aren’t hitting the right notes for you? Here the free and paid users have different experiences. With Premium, you can skip as many songs as you want and play any specific song whenever you like, no matter your device.

Spotify is a prime choice for many music lovers looking to enjoy tunes. The platform offers free and paid services, so you can choose which suits you better.

If you use the free Spotify account, you can not replay a song you just heard but can do so with Spotify Premium. Be careful about skipping songs you do not like on free Spotify because you only get six skips per hour. If you use them too fast, listen to whatever Spotify plays next, similar to the radio.

Other Considerations

New Releases: Free users may have to wait longer to listen to the latest album releases.

Student Discounts: Spotify offers Premium at a discounted rate for students.

Who Should Choose Free

Casual listeners who do not mind ads and shuffle play.

Users who primarily listen on a desktop and do not need offline functionality.

Who Should Choose Premium

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  • Anyone who wants to skip ads and have complete control over music selection.
  • Users who travel often or want to save data by listening offline.
  • Audiophiles who care about higher-quality streaming.

Finally, the choice depends on how you enjoy music and your budget. The Free version might be good if you are okay with ads and do not need all the extra features. If you want a smoother, ad-free experience with more options, including better audio quality, then going for Premium is the better choice.


In conclusion, selecting between Spotify Free and Spotify Premium is to enjoy your music. Spotify Free is a good choice if you are okay with ads. It is suitable for people who do not mind shuffle play and mostly listen on a desktop without downloading songs for offline listening. If you want a smoother, ad-free experience with more features like unlimited skips and offline listening, Spotify Premium is the way to go. It is perfect for those who want more control over their music, travel a lot, or care about getting the best sound quality. It is all about what is best for you and your music habits. I explored the difference between Spotify Premium and Spotify Free in this article.

No, offline listening is only available with Spotify Premium.

With Spotify Free, you get a limited number of skips per hour on playlists.

Spotify Premium is ad-free, offering a smoother listening experience.

you can use Spotify Premium on multiple devices with the same account.

Spotify Premium offers higher sound quality compared to the free version.

Spotify often offers a free trial period for new Premium subscribers to try out the service before deciding to subscribe.

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